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Savannah River Rangers is a SASS affiliated club dedicated to keeping the spirit of the old west alive 

and providing a safe, fun, family oriented shooting environment.

We meet the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club near Columbia, SC.  

Registration begins at 8:30am. Safety meeting at 9:30am - begin shooting shortly after (except summer).

New shooters and visitors are always welcome. 

Eye protection is mandatory and ear protection is strongly recommended. 

Come on out and watch a match or maybe even shoot a stage or two. 

We shoot 6 stages, so you will need approximately 60 rounds of pistol ammo, 

60 rounds of rifle ammo, and a box of shotgun shells. 

Entry fee is $15.00 for primary and $10.00 for additional family. 

Buckaroos, Buckarettes, Juniors and "first time" Cowboy Action shooters shoot free. 

We provide free drinks and snacks.

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